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5 Great Places For A Fishing Holiday

Posted by on June 29, 2014 1 Comments Category : Fishing Blog


The Mediterranean Sea may contribute only 1% of the world’s oceans but it is one of the most international waters on the planet lapping on the coastal shores of 19 countries, including Italy, Cyprus and Malta. It contains over 10,000 species and millions of people depend on it for food, employment and pleasure.

Fishing Holiday
Fishing HolidayNina Matthews Photography / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

There is something enduring about the Mediterranean aside from its variety of fish species, the beautiful coastlines and a wide array of resorts. You can find authentic fishing hotspots in quiet harbors and sleepy villages.


Scotland offers variety when it comes to fishing. It boasts of numerous rivers, an extensive coastline and lochs that offer anglers as well as fishermen an excellent fishing experience. Hundreds of fishable rivers crisscross the varied landscapes of Scotland offering numerous fishing spots. The main salmon fishing rivers include the Dee, Spay, Tay and Tweed and their tributaries. The River Don is remarkable for the finest wild brown trout rivers in Europe while Loch Lomond offers excellent pike and course fishing. Scotland’s coastline stretches over 11 000 kilometers and provides fantastic boat and shoreline fishing throughout the year and fantastic accommodation to go with it.


America is awash with some of the world’s most amazing fishing hot spots. It is a massive country of rivers, lakes and the coastline that offer anglers prime fishing spots all over the country.  Miami is one of USA’s top fishing destinations offering everything from deep-sea fishing to backcountry angling in the Everglades. San Diego boasts of the world’s largest sport fishing fleets near the prolific tuna and billfish waters of in the Pacific Ocean. The Mammoth Lakes offer some of the best lake fishing in over a hundred lakes in the Inyo National Forest. The list for the best fishing hotspots is endless in the massive country of America, but make sure you go with good travel insurance if you are doing deep sea fishing as it can be a risky business.


Mauritius ranks as a top game-fishing destination on the planet. It is an island surrounded by the warm tropical waters of the Indian Ocean. It is in a strategic position to access numerous exciting species of fish. It is a leading destination when it comes to fishing. This is due to its rich marine fauna and favorably deep-sea bed that drops incredibly up to 4500 feet below sea level. Aside from the adventures of fishing, Mauritius rewards you with breathtaking views of the lagoons and the numerous tiny islets surrounding the island.


They say that if you go to Italy and miss Sicily, you have probably not been to the Italian boot at all. It is an island synonymous with fishing. The unspoilt, clear waters surround the island are home to a variety of fish species. The fish found in the waters around Sicily include Tuna, Amberjack, Grouper, Swordfish and many more. Its incredible variety makes fishing holidays in Sicily more exciting. Spear fishing is also common and fun on the Italian Isle. Just dive into the waters and pursue your fish deep into the waters, it is a thrilling experience.

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