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5 Tips for Fishing Trips

Posted by on March 19, 2013 0 Comments Category : Fishing Blog

Fishing is one of the most liked outdoor activities which are filled with lots of thrill, fun and excitement.  Dubai is known for its Superb fishing experience with professionals around who assist you. So if fishing is your favorite hobby then you must try your hands on it in Dubai for a unique splendid experience. Irrespective of the fact whether you are beginner or an expert in fishing you can still grab many fishes from the sea with help of experts.

In The Blue
Tips for Fishing Tripssharkbait / Animals Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

Types of fishes you can catch hold are flounder, bluefish, striped bass, porgy, blackfish, sherry, barracuda, amour, Sultan Ibrahim, cobia, king fish and small shark. The variety of fishes you can fish in Dubai are many probably nowhere else you can find so many beautiful varieties if fishes. Dubai also has many fishing tours which promise an ultimate experience of fishing. There can be nothing rejoicing on afternoon than spending time on yacht fishing.

Tips for Fishing Trips

Ensure your hook is sharp enough so that the fish is hooked immediately and cannot escape. If your hook isn’t sharp immediately replace it else the fun will be limited and you will see tough time in catching fishes without a sharpen hook. Use hooks made of steel, nickel or gold plated as they stay in stomach and can grab fish easily.

'Daily Catch', Vietnam, Mui Ne, Fisherman
Fishing tipsWanderingtheWorld (www.LostManProject.com) / Travel Photos / CC BY-NC

Ensure you known the place where you find maximum number of fishes. On your fishing tour in Dubai your fishing guide will let you known of places where you can grab maximum fishes so pay attention and follow the rules properly.

Good quality fishing rod is crucial; it does not mean it should be very expensive. But yes a good one is worth as you can catch big fishes in good quality rods. Many fishing tours and trips in Dubai also offer rods while fishing so check with them beforehand whether your tour company is providing one or not and ask them to give you the best rod in case they supply all essentials of fishing. There are many varieties available in fishing rods like boat rod, spinning rod, beach rods, etc. However a spinning rod is best for fishing.

Grab as much information as you can from your tour operators and your guide who will assist you throughout fishing. As you are new to the place you might not know the tactics that will help in catching fish in Dubai.

Choose afternoon time for fishing after lunch as this is the time you can catch hold of many fishes.

Dubai offers trips of deep sea fishing in Dubai which will leave you completely satisfied as they have experts in fishing who help you throughout the tour. Many fishing tour companies also offer package with all essentials, like rods, nets, safety gears, other essentials etc which will facilitate smooth and great fishing experience. Also there are tailor made packages available which give you freedom to choose place and time off course.

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