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6 Places Avid Fisherman Need To Go

Posted by on June 17, 2013 0 Comments Category : Fishing Blog

If you love fishing, then a fishing vacation is just the thing you need, so let the following six locations guide you in choosing the best site for a fishing getaway.

1. Sutherland, Scotland

Sutherland Fishing, Scotland
Sutherland Fishing, Scotlandeleda 1 / Foter.com / CC BY-NC

Consistently rated the number one fishing spot in the world, Sutherland Scotland is a simply stunning destination, giving you the views and the fish for the perfect paradise adventure. Fish for salmon or trout from the boat or from the shore, and purchase a one-day fishing permit for just $13. With numerous fishing tours scattering the area, you can easily find the perfect fishing spot with a local guide.

2. Oahu, Hawaii

Kona Fishing, Hawaii
Kona Fishing, HawaiiAZAdam / Water Photos / CC BY-SA

If you’re more interested in a bigger catch, travel to Oahu, Hawaii, where you’ll discover a range of blue marlin fishing opportunities. The marlin arrive when the weather starts to warm, making the fishing excellent from May through October. These fish range from 100 pounds to over 1,000 pounds, and you might also catch yellowfin tuna, spearfish, black marlin, and other sea species.

3. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas Fishing, Mexico
Cabo San Lucas Fishing, MexicoMark & Andrea Busse / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Yet another marlin destination, Cabo San Lucas is home to more than 3,000 marine species and holds the nickname “Marlin Capital of the World.” Enjoy a charter or head out on the waters yourself for a marvelous adventure. The countless charters in the area offer fly fishing, deep-sea fishing, light tackle fishing, and bottom fishing opportunities among many other excursions.

4. Newfoundland, Canada

For people who are looking for a tasty meal after their fishing excitement, Newfoundland, Canada is the place to find it. Here you can fish for rainbow trout and cod off the east coast, or fish along the inland waters for a chance to catch salmon. Saltwater species include yellowtail and mackerel among many others. This area is perfect for catching a range of fish while relaxing to the serene sounds of nature and stunning views.

5. Florida Keys

No matter where you’re at along the Florida Keys, you’re likely to find an excellent fishing spot, especially when visiting from May through August. Hire a charter for a wonderful experience, and catch a glimpse of shark, barracuda, and dolphin, and be prepared for the chance to catch other massive species.

6. Exmouth, Australia

Australia features numerous extraordinary fishing spots on nearly every beach, but Exmouth is a location that fishermen love because of the many species that make the Ningaloo Reef their home. Book a fishing charter from October to March for a wonderful experience. Fish from a boat while floating above the turquoise clear water, or participate in the joys of fishing from the shore. Here, you might catch a squid or a table fish along with countless other species. Know that you can’t fish in certain parts of the reef, so make sure you’re fishing in areas that allow the sport.

Many of these locations are great places to fish but also have other exciting tourist spots nearby. Find ways to make your fishing trip a full vacation by following¬†Royal Holiday News¬†to get details about upcoming vacation deals. It doesn’t matter what type of fishing you love, you’ll find serenity, fish, and a well deserved vacation at any of these mentioned locations.

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