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Lake Superior ice fishing tips, please!

Well? Did you make it to the great city of Duluth mn for some "Superior" ice fishing???

Answered by: john landrus 1986 views , , , , , ,

3 Answers

Best chum for shark fishing?

A new product is being used by tournament anglers and shark researchers in many places including new england , Florida, Bimini Bahamas, and California Bloodstream Top Predator Chum has been unveiled ...

Answered by: Joe p 2862 views

6 Answers

Anyone been deep sea fishing in Mauritius?

Fishing experience that is truly fascinating Hi Bob. I have never gone for a deep sea fishing expedition in Mauritius. But so far whatever I have gatherred from my friends who went for it, the expe...

Answered by: John Brown 2985 views , , , , , , , , , ,

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How long does fishing line and scents last?

I had fishing scents that were 8 years old - dug them out of the garage the other day and they still smelled great - not sure what the fish thought though because to be honest when I went fishing with...

Answered by: Jet 1510 views , , , , , , , ,

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How do you store your rods?

My fishing rods are lined up on my dining room table! Single guy, never use my dining room - so it works out for me!

Answered by: Jet 2094 views , , , , , , , ,

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What is a gang hook and how do I use it?

A gang hook is simply two small hooks tied together in tandem. They're normally very small hooks - smaller than your usual hook (size 10 and below). You can obviously buy these hooks, but if you k...

Answered by: Jet 2084 views , , , ,

2 Answers

Monofilament or braided line for swordfish?

I believe braided line is the way to go. It's ultra strong. The newest braided lines incorporate innovative materials like gel-spun polyethylene. My favorite brand is PowerPro.

Answered by: Erwin 1737 views

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Would you eat mussels growing on concrete?

I've eaten mussels fresh from the beach since I was a young boy. I have heard that you shouldn't eat mussels off metal pylons, but I have done it many times in my childhood.

Answered by: Erwin 3080 views , , , , ,

2 Answers

Rod for sea fishing?

Go give it a shot with a freshwater rod. At the end of the day, all rods are essentially the same thing - just a tool to catch fish. Try using one of your heavy duty rods to start off with. And remem...

Answered by: Erwin 2429 views , , , , , ,