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Be Patient – The key factor to success in fishing and poker

Posted by on December 17, 2013 0 Comments Category : Fishing Blog

There’s a wealth of complexity lurking under the easy-to-learn veneer of both

Poker and fishing are vastly different. That’s what a casual observer may think. It’s true, though. The former is an indoor sport while the latter takes place in the great outdoors. Look beyond the surface, however, and you’ll find that these two popular pastimes have more in common than you think.

Fishing Zanthia / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

The importance of patience is perhaps the biggest similarity. Being patient is one of the first things you learn in fishing, especially if you choose to take up bass fishing.

“The key to becoming a great bass angler is to practice and learn to be patient,” wrote Bleacher Report. “The fish you are after are much smarter than other species and you simply never know what they may be looking for, where they could be hiding, or what kind of mood they are in.”

“On one particular day these crafty fish may choose to strike anything you throw into the water, while on others it may seem as though there are no bass in the water at all. If you are patient, keep your line in the water, and keep your lines tight, success will come in due time.”

Compare that with Barbara Connors’ Pokerology piece on poker and patience, where she likens impatience to an expert pickpocket able to whisk away a poker player’s money while leaving him dumbfounded minutes after the fact.

“Of all the ways we sabotage ourselves at the poker table few are more pervasive, and ultimately more costly, than impatience,” she wrote. “It can seep into every aspect of our game, impact almost every decision we make, without us even realizing it.”

Perhaps this similarity is why there is a lot of overlap between the worlds of poker and fishing. Numerous fishing clubs and organizations host annual poker tournaments the world over. The long-running Fish’O’Mania tournament has even received support from partypoker for a number of years. In addition, the online poker site treated World Poker Tour qualifiers to a deep sea fishing trip in Barcelona earlier this year.

“It takes ten minutes to learn and a lifetime to master.” This adage can apply to both poker and fishing. In fact, poker Hall of Famer and World Poker Tour host Mike Sexton has become famous in the poker world for using a similar phrase to describe No-Limit Holdem. There’s a wealth of complexity lurking under the easy-to-learn veneer of both, and trying to fully plumb their depths is not for the faint of heart. It’s a good thing both fishing enthusiasts and poker players are made of far sterner stuff.

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