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Best angle for reeling in trout?

Asked by: 1626 views Trout

Hi fellow anglers! I’ve been trout fishing for just a little while, here, and while it’s been fun so far, I’d like to improve as much as I can so that I actually land more trout. ;-)

I was wondering what the best position is for bringing the trout in? Should I be upstream from them? Downstream? Should I try to be on the bank right next to them and reel them in across the current? What’s the key to success here — or at least, the key to a little more success?

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1 Answers

  1. Mariner Marvin on Feb 14, 2013 Reply

    You should always try to reel them in directly across the current for best results. In other words, you want to be standing on the bank parallel to them when you reel them in, not upstream or downstream. This will greatly increase your chances of successfully landing your fish.

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