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Greetings, fellow anglers! I’ve always enjoyed kayaking and fishing, but I’ve never done ‘em both at the same time. However, I’ve been reading up on kayak fishing and talking to some people who’ve done some, and I’d like to give a try to it. I figure since I already know how to kayak pretty well it shouldn’t be too hard to do a little fishing too.

Now, I’ve heard two different things about the color of kayak I should be looking for. A lot of people say that it’s best to get a bright color kayak like red or orange so that other boats can see you and not hit you.

But there are a few folks who say the bright colors will spook the fish and you’re better off taking a color that will “blend in”, and just avoid places where there are a lot of other boats.

I’m leaning towards getting a bright colored kayak for safety, but thought I’d ask the opinion of you guys first. Thanks!

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4 Answers

  1. Freddy on Dec 22, 2012 Reply

    If you can, go for camo – it will blend in nicely.

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  2. Gregg on Dec 22, 2012 Reply

    Actually, it’s never been proven that a light colored or dark colored fishing kayak will perform better. When fish look up to the water surface, they just see a bright light coming from above, so any boat will create a darker spot, no matter what color it is.

    BUT – fishing in a lighter colored boat, especially a yellow boat, is much safer for you, as it’s much easier to see in an emergency.

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  3. Sam Green on Dec 22, 2012 Reply

    I’ve gotta disagree here — I would strongly suggest either marine orange or yellow for your kayak. The fish are going to see your boat as a dark object above them against the sky regardless — the whole water surface is illuminated from their viewpoint. This isn’t like trout fishing where you can blend into the background, because in trout fishing there’s a lot of scenery near the stream. There’s no scenery when you’re out in a kayak — it’s all one big glowing expanse above the fish.

    So there’s no point in working about that problem, because changing the color of your kayak isn’t going to make you and your boat transparent.

    However, not being visible to some guy half-drunk in a speedboat IS a serious problem with camo kayaks or neutral colors (grey, white, blue). A kayak is small and low to the water. It’s pretty suicidal to go out in a kayak that isn’t bright orange or yellow, IMO.

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  4. Travis Green on Dec 22, 2012 Reply

    Unless you’re hankering to be run down by some drunk guy in a powerboat, I’d suggest either yellow or marine orange for your kayak. The fish are going to see your boat regardless — when you’re out like that, you’re on a huge backlit surface, and the color isn’t going to make any difference looking from below.

    It will make a lot of difference, though, to other people seeing your small, low-lying boat in the water, especially if there’s a swell or a bit of chop. You need to worry about other boats a lot more than you need to worry about the fish seeing you. This isn’t trout fishing, and you’re not going to blend into the background from the perspective of your prey.

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