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Best fly fishing destinations in the UK

Posted by on November 19, 2013 0 Comments Category : Fishing Blog

The UK boasts of natural wonders, parks, and highways. Its natural beauty resembles a work of art when it is pictured from the air. Its beautiful images, which range from colossal mountains to explosive volcanoes, are a revelation of some of its most incredible scenery. This country is home to some of the most well-known and unique things and places such as the best fly fishing locations.

Fly Fishing
Fly FishingAl_HikesAZ / Foter.com / CC BY-NC

The following are the best fly fishing destinations that you should visit while you are there.

Fly Fishing Near to London

This superb fly fishing location is only 50 miles to the south west part of central London. It is among the best still water fisheries for Trout in the southern part of England. It also offers an environment that is ideal for a person who is new to the art of fly fishing in addition to providing an experienced fly fisher with excellent fly fishing.

Fly Fishing in the English Chalk streams

This chalk streams River Wylye, River Kennet, River Itchen and River Test in the counties of Wiltshire, Berkshire and Hampshire have some of the most famous fly fishing rivers for Trout. Their setting is in a countryside that ranks as the most picturesque, in historic cities, villages that have thatched cottages and water meadows in England. Famous fly fishing writers like Sir Edward Grey, G.E.M Skues, and Frederic Halford took fly fishing to new heights in these chalk streams in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Yorkshire Dales Fly Fishing

These Rivers are spate and the weather conditions largely determine how they vary in level. All days are different when you are fishing on them. They are usually a series of glides, pools, and runs and hence, they offer many different types of water. Consequently, many different methods and skills for fly fishing are necessary in order to fish on them.

Fly Fishing the Cotswolds

This is an extremely picturesque limestone area that is upland in southern England, approximately 90 minutes west from London. Its rivers are similar in some ways to the rich River Coln and Hampshire chalk streams. The Cotswolds has countless lakes, some of which have spring fed water that is rich in nutrients and are ideal for the provision of excellent Trout fly fishing in scenic settings that are extremely peaceful.

The Lake District Fly Fishing

This National Park, which has stunning mountain scenery, offers excellent fly fishing opportunities. You can find a wide variety of quality fishing in the larger lakes like Coniston, Windermere , Buttermere and Ullswater through the smaller tumbling streams and mountain tarns because its wild brown trout stocks are good. You can get a unique opportunity for enjoying fishing in another place away from the beaten track on these remote waters if you are a visiting angler.

The Derbyshire Peak District

The southern part of this National Park is referred to as the Derbyshire Dales. Its main rivers namely, the Dove, Derwent, and Derbyshire are fly rich waters that deliver superb fly fishing because it is a limestone area. You can find a very large head of fish in the Derbyshire Wye. This National Park has a large population of wild Rainbow Trout that breeds naturally and hence, the UK considers it unique.

East Midlands Reservoirs

The fly fishing circles of English still water Trout consider Grafham Water and Rutland Water legendary. The fly fishing on them, which is located approximately 30 miles east of Coventry/ Leicester and approximately 70 miles in the northern part of central London, is mainly for Rainbow Trout. However, you can catch Zander, Pike, and Brown Trout if you target them.

Lancashire Fly Fishing

This Trough of Bowland area that is in the northern part of England in Lancashire is unspoilt, quiet and beautiful. It is easy to reach from York, Leeds, Harrogate, Manchester, and Bradford and you can visit it easily from the southern part of England if you have direct rail link from London Kings Cross to Skipton.

The aforementioned fly fishing destinations will make your fishing experience memorable when you visit and explore them because the still water fly fishing that they provide is excellent. You should therefore get your Flight details as soon as possible so that you can go and enjoy fly fishing in one of them.

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