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2 Answers

Bluegill fishing? Any tips?

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Bluegill / Sunfish

I’d like to take my son fishing for the first time, and I’ve heard bluegill are the easiest fish to catch. Does anyone have any advice on how and where to catch these little guys? What equipment should I buy for him?

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2 Answers

  1. Al B. on Jan 19, 2013 Reply

    Find a small pond or even a farm reservoir near where you live and fish there – you’ll find it’s a lot easier to fish for Bluegill in a pond like that, and then there’s no need to take a boat or canoe, you can just fish from the bank.

    Get your child a cheap push button rod, use the smallest hook you can find and then put a bobber on the line about a foot above the hook.

    Any bait will do really – pieces of hot dog or corn are great. Even bread works.

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  2. Walter Fountain on Jan 21, 2013 Reply

    Look for spots in the water where there’s some decent inshore cover. It raises your chances of catching a bluegill or two, and it also teaches your kids to start looking at watercourses as a “terrain” of their own, with cover, barren stretches, etc., rather than just as a uniform “pond” or “creek”.

    A log in the water is a good spot, as is a weed bed. Explain to your kids that fish like places to hide, and that areas with features often have more food for them also (insects, stuff like that).

    If you know anybody who fishes locally, ask them for a few tips for a beginning angler too.

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