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10 Essentials for Your Charter Fishing Trip

Posted by on December 13, 2012 1 Comments Category : Fishing Blog Tags : , , , , ,

Charter fishing trips are great opportunities to experience the joy of fishing with the aid of an experienced, professional captain. Be prepared for your day of fun by bringing these essential items.

Charter Fishing Trips

Fishing Trip Charter

Licenses: Make sure you have all necessary fishing and boating license with you before embarking. Responsible charter companies will not let anyone board or catch fish without the proper licenses.

Food and Drink: A charter fishing trip can be an hours-long affair, so it is very important to bring plenty of snacks and drinks. Make sure your beverages come in plastic bottles or cans, as most charter companies prefer to avoid glass bottles on board. Bring plenty of energy-boosting snacks and, for longer trips, sandwiches or other lunch items.

Two Coolers: One cooler will serve as a great storage place to keep your refreshments cool and, well, refreshing. Then bring a larger, 55-quart cooler to store all of the fish you catch. Be sure to check with your charter company to see whether there is space available for your coolers.

Outerwear: The weather can change quickly out at sea, so be prepared for anything. Check the weather report before the trip, of course, but bear in mind that weather reports are often wrong. Dress in layers, the better to be prepared for hot, sunny stretches and cool, breezy weather alike. Furthermore, bring a poncho, jacket or other rain gear in case of a sudden storm. There is nothing worse than heading out for a fun day of fishing and coming back in soaked and freezing.

Footwear: The deck of a boat can become a very slippery place over the course of the day, and very few things can ruin your trip faster than an unexpected fall. Prepare for the conditions by wearing non-slip footwear such as tennis shoes or rubber-soled deck shoes, which make it possible to dig in and stand strong while reeling in a catch.

Camera: What good is a fishing trip without taking plenty of pictures to remember the day? Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the moment. Keep in mind, though, that bringing something on a boat means taking a chance that it will get lost. Consider bringing a disposable or otherwise replaceable camera rather than a brand-new, expensive one, and keep it on a strap throughout the trip.

Sun Protection: Even on cool days, sunburn is a real risk out at sea. Bring plenty of sunscreen, at least SPF 15, and don’t forget to reapply at least once every two hours. Wide-brimmed hats are also great to protect your head and eyes from the sun.

Sunglasses: Besides protecting your eyes from damage from the sun, a pair of shades makes it easier to see under bright fishing conditions. If possible, pick up a pair of polarized fishing glasses designed to neutralize the glare that reflects off the water. Bring a strap to keep your glasses attached; if you need to bring multiple pairs, have a separate strap for each one.

Medicine: Just in case, it’s best to bring some over-the-counter medication to deal with potential seasickness, so your trip won’t be derailed by sudden nausea or vomiting. If there are other medications you need to take throughout the day, remember to bring those as well.

Sports Bag: It is very easy to lose small items on a boat, so condense all of your personal effects into one easy-to-carry container. Of course, any sports bag you bring on a boat should be waterproof. Select one that is brightly colored, the better to catch your attention and avoid loss, and equipped with a strap.

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