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4 Answers

Does your wife/girlfriend or significant other go fishing with you?

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My girlfriend used to go fishing with me regularly, but I think she did it to spend time with me and not because she was really into it. Recently she hasn’t been too keen to join me. I’m just wondering if other fishermen (and fisherwomen) take their significant other with them, or if they only really fish alone, or with friends.

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4 Answers

  1. Daniel Michaud on Feb 09, 2013 Reply

    My first wife never wanted to go fishing with me, although I asked her to go along for a couple of years. I think she thought fish were too ‘yucky’ and she didnt want to hang around and get bitten by mosquitos or black flies. Actually, in retrospect, I’m kind of glad.

    Anyway, after we split up, I did all my fishing solo for another couple of years. Went to rent a kayak at a new fishing spot and the lady renting them and I really hit it off. We’ve been fishing together for over 10 years now. Shared interests really do help to cement a relationship, and this isn’t one I’ll ever be throwing back.

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  2. Phil Boyd on Feb 09, 2013 Reply

    I mostly go alone, though my wife comes along sometimes. I wish she’d come all the time, I enjoy having her along on my fishing expeditions.

    I wonder how many women don’t come because they don’t want to, and how many because they just think it’s a “guy thing” and diplomatically don’t want to muscle in. Maybe more would come if we actually asked them.

    Or not. I don’t know. ;)

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  3. Brian on Feb 10, 2013 Reply

    My wife has never shown an interest in fishing, and that’s fine. I enjoy the time out by myself.

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  4. Cliff on Feb 10, 2013 Reply

    I’ve got a great fishing spot with a beautiful grassy bank and BBQ area. I take my wife and kids and they have a great time. My wife reads and naps and relaxes while I fish.

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