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Drop shot baits?

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Can anyone give me a bit advice about drop shot baits? How do I use them? What should I be fishing with? Thanks!

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1 Answers

  1. Abel McNay on Jan 21, 2013 Reply

    Drop shot bait is a lot more popular than it was just a few years ago, so y’all have a few choices when it comes to how exactly you use it while fishing.

    Basically, you want to rig up your hook with a drop shot weight under it, and a nose-hooked plastic worm for bait. This gets you ready for typical drop shotting. You’ve got to use either an open hook or heavy line so that you can set the hook firmly once you get a bite. You need to use a leader to connect up the drop shot, anywhere from six inches to a foot-and-a-half, depending on the situation.

    There are two main ways of using drop shotting, though there are probably dozens of minor ones:

    1. Let the drop shot rest on the bottom, and shake your line a little so that the worm flips and wiggles around enticingly a few inches above it. It’s a rare bass who can pass that up.

    2. Find bass suspended in cold winter waters, just over some deep structure, and use the precision of the drop shot to send a worm down right into their midst. Use the same “rest the weight on the bottom, shake the bait” approach for some decent deep catches.

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