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Fall Fishing Destinations

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fall fishing destinationsSharing a border with Lake Erie makes Ohio a prime fishing destination. In this state Labor Day doesn’t only mark the end of Summer but also the beginning of Steelhead trout season. The cooler temperatures and rainfall brought on by Fall increase the Steelhead migration upstream, making them a prime catch for Lake Erie anglers. The Division of Wildlife stocks Lake Erie with Steelhead yearly and during the Summer the fish stay in the cooler, lower part of the lake. However once Fall rolls around, these trout return to the streams to be caught by Ohio fisherman. Steelhead caught in the tributary streams have spent a few Summers in the lake and range anywhere from 25-30 feet and 5-10 pounds.

ohio fishing

ohio fishing

Another great fish that is avidly caught during Fall is the crappie, it is best to begin Fall crappie season in early October. Since most outdoors men turn to hunting on land once Summer turns to Fall, anglers are left with tons of crappie as long as they know where to look for them. It is recommended that you search for these fish under tree cover and other natural awnings that have direct access to deeper waters. By the Fall lakes have usually become uniform in temperature and that leads to crappie migration, it is wise to lure them in on overcast days or in the evening at dusk.

Lastly there are thousands of rainbow trout released into local fishing holes and neighborhood lakes in the Fall season. These beauties are raised at State Fish Hatcheries annually and allow the family fun of fishing to take place all year round. Fall fishing in Ohio can be an excellent experience with their divine lakes and rivers and epic landscapes. Although the cooling water of Fall causes fish to migrate away Ohio still offers a great catch in the Autumn months.

minnesota fishingMinnesota

Just as with all fish migrations, the changing temperatures of the Fall season in Minnesota cause fish to search for other bodies of water to settle in. This does not mean that fish cannot be caught but that tactics must change and anglers must use a bit more logic in their approach. The weeds and other natural lake cover die and fall away which causes fish to school up more heavy and go deeper in their waters because they are so uncovered. Deep, large schools of fish prove perfect for well known angling technique which makes Fall a trophy fishing season.

In the Fall season Minnesota sees walleye, northern pike, largemouth bass and crappie. Lake Winnie and Cutfoot Sioux are two great lake options for anglers looking to hook crappie in their Fall patterns or try their luck in the drying weeds with a minnow or night crawler. But the big ticket item for Minnesota fisherman in the Fall is walleye. Many seasoned anglers look for these specimen at big drop offs or the few weeds that are still green. It is possible that you might need to cover a large amount of ground to find fish in the Fall, however on a mission to find walleye it is not uncommon to also find northern pike and perch. Perch in Minnesota lakes range anywhere from 10-13 inches and are considered world class. Northern pike are bountiful as they are searching for food, it is likely that on each Fall fishing outing in Minnesota an angler will pick up a couple northern pike. Just as with Ohio, crappie are great for fishing in the Fall. While baiting a line for crappie it is possible that you may pull up walleye, northern or even rock bass that are schooled up deep below your boat. The changing of the leaves is just one benefit of a Minnesota Fall, the fish are also biting and fresh for the catching.


north captiva island resort

north captiva island resort

The state of Florida has so much to offer, from the year round sunshine to the wild entertainment, it also has some of the greatest Fall fishing around. Fisherman can find fish in deep water and around the shore, some active species include Grouper, Amberjack and Vermillion Snapper. Since the weather does not change in this sunshine state unless there is a big storm the fish do not migrate as rapidly from the waters in the Fall season. Florida offers anglers a year round destination, and this year the state has pushed back its date for ending Red Snapper season to late November.

Panama City hosts a Fall Fishing Challenge in which anglers are able to compete in catching four species between Friday and Sunday, 5am to 5pm. They can catch Spanish Mackerel, Flounder, Pompano and King Mackerel. There is a winner at each pier every weekend and they are awarded up to $250.

For the less skilled anglers it is recommended to take a fishing tour where a guide will lead a group to waters that are sure to have fish. This is a great option for a family vacation or a solo trip to uncharted waters; either way you are bound to enjoy your time and see some spectacular sites while hooking major fish such as Grouper, Shark, Redfish and Barracuda. Joining a charter through Barnacles Island Resortis perfect for those visiting the state because the island of North Captiva offers fun for the whole family, even those who aren’t as fishing inclined. Fall fishing in Florida provides the greatest views and best weather for a family vacation or a trip of self discovery, and many exotic fish are ready to be caught in the oceans that surround this peninsula state.

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