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2 Answers

Fishing for walleye at night?

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Does anyone have any tips on fishing for Walleye at night? I’ve been invited on a night fishing trip, and I’ve only ever fished for them in the day. Is there anything I should know? Do I need to change my bait or my technique?

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2 Answers

  1. Ollie E. on Jan 22, 2013 Reply

    Night fishing for walleye is an excellent tactic, so you’re probably going to have fun. The walleye like to come out and feed then, approaching closer to the surface. Realizing that they’re close to the surface hunting gives you some useful clues on how to fish them at night.

    Walleye are likely to be in shallow areas, but scattered around, as they hunt various other fish. If you can’t find any shallow walleye, try a deeper jig with a good sized bait.

    You need to be as quiet as possible for night fishing. Don’t use loud motors — if possible, use a quiet, battery operated electric motor. Note that running a motor at a steady low purr is actually quieter (less disruptive) than brief stops and starts, which produce startling, noticeable changes in sound that may cause fish to flee the area.

    A lot of pros recommend subtle lights and dark crankbaits for best effect. Anything garish and flamboyant is likely to spook the fish away, while more subdued lights and so on are likely to draw them in.

    Hope you have a great time!

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  2. Hubs on Jan 23, 2013 Reply

    They say the best time to go fishing for walleye 2 hours before sunrise or 2 hours after sunset.

    Normally, trolling works best for night fishing, so you’ll probably find that’s what your friends have planned.

    The best place to find walleye lat night are normally the weedlines, sunken islands, river inlets and large feeding flats.

    I’ve found that dark lures actually seem to work at night – you wouldn’t think it works, but for me it does – go for big, dark crankbaits.

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