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Fishing Gear And Gadgets For 2014

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Many summer fisherman are winding up their season, and it’s time for the ice-dwelling winter fisherman to cast their lines. But these fair-weather fishermen have a lot to look forward to in the coming year. From this past July’s ICAST sports fishing show held in Las Vegas came news of great new tools, gadgets and gear for next season’s fishermen.

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It seems that the industry manufacturing fishing gear and gadgets for fishermen is incorporating more technology into its products. Items found at the ICAST show include touchscreen sonar and GPS units as well as gadgets with built-in wireless connectivity. Let’s have a look at some of the items found during the show in order to get some fishermen’s Christmas lists ready!

Hard Bait

One of the highlights from the ICAST show was Jackall’s hard bait piece called the Jackall Jockie. Bassmaster calls it a must-have items for any freshwater fisherman. Offered in six colors, this hard bait moves well in the water, diving straight in as a fisherman turns his reel one way. When the Jockie hits the water, it makes a unique popping sound. Fishermen can count on long casting distances with the Jockie, and its unique design is suitable for pop, dive and roll action.

Soft Lure

Winning a best-in-show at the ICAST show was this hollow-body lifelike frog. This soft bait sits in water slightly, rather than just floating. That helps to attract fishes’ attention so much more. Its legs move to create some bubbling action, and it comes in 10 different colors. Fishermen can use this bait tool to find some excellent freshwater fist while boating.

Tackle Bag

Once you’re on the boat, after having taken your boater exam, there’s no better tool to have than a great tackle bag. Plano’s Tackle Bag gives fishermen an easy way to access the right bait for the right moment. The waterproof bag uses elastic straps, mesh rear pockets, adjustable elastic and pockets for personal items like sunglasses and keys. It’s a great tackle bag for everything a fishing enthusiast needs.

Fly Reels

How can fly fishermen catch the big ones? Well, it’s all about the fly reels. According to Gear Patrol, fly reels are somewhat akin to the studio musicians to a rock and roller, always ready to back you up when you’re ready to rock. The reels are what makes catching the big fish a realistic opportunity. Landing a big fish requires a big smooth reel to use in the water.

Weather Considerations

Weather considerations for a fisherman is equally important to a fish too. Fish like to spend time in comfortable waters. They tend to stay inside their habitats. If the the water is too hot or too cold, fish will not move very much. Water will take longer to adjust to the right temperature for a fish than does air for a human. Cold temperatures at night will lower the temperature of the water the next day, even if the sun is shining brightly. And it will likely mean, the fish are not that active. They will be chilled and staying somewhat inactive down in the weed beds of the body of water. For best results, check for three days warm weather in a row for the fish to acclimate and move around. It will offer you greater chances of good fishing.

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