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Florida: the place to go fishing

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People often call Florida “The fishing capital of the world” and this is for a reason. The state has serious resources, which are managed in an excellent way. There are plenty of habitats and diversity of fish, plus possibility for year round fishing. Those who love nature will find in Florida many great places for outdoor entertainment, where they can spend time with friends and family and enjoy some fishing. The state of Florida features more than 7 700 lakes and long miles of rivers and shoreline, plus many places that one can buy bait and different fishing tackle. The native species of fish are almost 1300, plus around 300 that are non-native species that survive thanks to the subtropical climate. There is a special free fishing weekend organized in Florida and it happens on the first full weekend of April each year.

Fishing Florida

Fishing Florida

Thanks to its great natural resources, Florida provides many days of good weather and sunshine, ideal for recreational fishing. One can find here very young anglers and very old ones – the hobby is basically suitable for everyone and anglers are as diverse as the fish in the water they are trying to catch. Besides the tasty fish that the anglers catch, the process of fishing teaches them of being calm and patient and helps them spend more time outdoors in nature. In this way, people who love fishing end up living a pleasant, healthy and happy life. Going fishing is not that expensive and actually to go fishing for the first time one will not need a lot of money, time or knowledge. However, fishing is real art, so there is plenty to be learned once you are “hooked” to that hobby. Do not worry; there are plenty of books on the matter, dedicated TV channels, etc. to help you improve your skills.

As sunshine is year-round in the state of Florida, applying sunscreen is very important in order to prevent skin damage and sunburn. One should also bring plenty of water and drink a lot to avoid dehydration. If one plans to fish while boating, then the life jacket is obligatory as well. Anglers know that there are certain species that should be returned to the water. Such fish should be released gently but quickly. They also know that fish should not be moved from one body of water to another. There is fish that lives in salt water and fish that lives in fresh water. Those fishermen that want to go for freshwater fishes, should head to the water at dawn or dusk, when is their active time for feeding. If the day is too hot, the fish is not likely to come up. The anglers that plan to go for saltwater fish should do so early and late during the day and when the tide is moving. The phases of the moon also play a role here. Usually, fish is most active three days before or after full moon.

No matter the place, the equipment and the expertise, anglers in Florida and all over the world follow a code of ethics. According to that code they support the conservation efforts, catch and release the fish that are not allowed to keep, practice safe fishing and boating, obtain the required licenses. They also share the knowledge and skills they have that concerns fishing, encourage other people to stay close to nature and do not pollute the area. Fishing is a wonderful hobby to teach your kids to, to spend time outdoors, to stay close to nature and Florida is the best place to go fishing, so enjoy it!

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