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Fly Fishing in Maine: As Good As It Gets

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Why Maine?

Maine is as good as it gets when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors. Along with hiking, hunting, and many other sports, fly fishing is an excellent way to enjoy this states beauty and hospitality. The clean rivers and lakes are filled with fish, and these spots have the added benefit of gorgeous mountains as a backdrop.

Fly Fishing in Maine

Fly Fishing in Maine

Choosing one of Maine’s numerous lakes or rivers for fly fishing allows visitors to truly be able to take in the wonderful mountainous views. It leaves you feeling as one with nature in a way you just don’t find anywhere else.

The stunning surroundings offer the perfect excuse to forget the day to day hectic pace of life. One can turn off their phone and leave all the computers and work behind. It’s the perfect excuse to relax with nothing but your thoughts.

Maine has terrific fly fishing guide services that will help residents and visitors alike with all the details of their fishing excursion. They offer unique trips and experiences for every level of fisherman. Because fly fishing is something people of all ages can enjoy, it makes the ideal family friendly vacation. Several of the guide services have classes for the children to get them started.

Combine fly fishing with camping and picnics and you have the perfect get away. Don’t forget to explore Maine’s other great outdoor activities while visiting. This includes hiking, exploring, biking, sightseeing, and swimming. Any of these can be easily combined with a fishing trip in order to spend quality time with family while making lasting memories.

Licenses and Permits

A current fishing license is required before fishing in any of Maine’s waters. Keep it with you at all times. Guides, wardens, landowners, and department employees all have the right to ask for it at any time. The only exceptions are residents of Maine who are under 16 years old or visitors who are under 12. In addition, those who own at least ten acres of land may fish on their property without a license as long as they live there or use it agriculturally.

There are several forms of licenses one can get. Most common are yearlong or seasonal ones, but visitors can acquire one day, three day, seven day, or fifteen day licenses as well. Licenses that combine hunting or archery are also available. Prices vary according to the length and type issued.

The Best Time to Go

Maine’s fishing season lasts from April first to September 30th. Within this period there are many different times that are best to go fly fishing. It truly depends on the type of experience you wish to have. Certain types of fish bite more during different months and times of day.

Hatches are wonderful times to fly fish. Not only are they spectacular to witness, they provide ample amounts of fish to catch. One can find themselves totally surrounded by fish jumping from the waters. Hatch times vary from year to year. Ask a guide for details.

Late September is always a good time to fly fish. Brook Trout appear quite colorful during the fall spawning. Add to that the colorful beauty of Maine and the enjoyable temperatures for a terrific experience. Look into lakefront vacation rentals to get the full wilderness experience without neglecting the comforts of home. If you’re looking for a change of scenery for your fly fishing experience, give Maine a try.

Darren Davis is a truck driver and avid hunter and fisher originally from Arizona. He mostly writes about travel and sports.

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