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Good sinkers for rocky bottoms while bass fishing?

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Hello, as the title asks, does anyone know what good sinkers are for bass fishing when you’ve got a rocky bottom? Retrieving my rig through rocks often leads to it getting fouled up or snagged. However, I’m reasonably sure that other fishermen are having no problem bass fishing over a rocky or gravelly bottom.

What am I missing out on here? Is there a special sinker I should be using?

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1 Answers

  1. Admiral Fred on Jan 25, 2013 Reply

    Look for walleye fishing sinkers, they’re often made in an elongated shape that slides along the bottom easily and doesn’t get caught up in rocks and other underwater obstacles.

    You should also be using a Carolina rig, most likely. Even if you switch over to a crankbait, I’d recommend using a Carolina rig to “scout” the bottom if you’re not familiar with the lake you’re fishing. You’ll get an excellent feel for the lake bottom’s features that way.

    A heavy weight, linked to a swivel leader, and then a soft plastic bait is the basic Carolina rig. The soft plastic bait should be Texas rigged, meaning that you put the hook through the head of the bait, pull it all the way through so only the loop is in it, then stick the tip of the hook back into the bait without pushing it out the other side. You can probably find some good diagrams online by searching for “Texas rigged bait” or the like.

    I hope this helps.

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