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Ice Fishing in Iowa

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Ice fishers are always on the lookout for a great fishing spot – a spot that is not widely known and has not been overfished.  One of the best kept secrets in regards to ice fishing are the Great Lakes of Iowa.  Iowa is not just plentiful in corn, but also has rich stocks of monster gills, fat backed walleyes, perch, jumbo bucket mouths and other highly sought after species of fish.

More and more people are discovering why ice fishers come back to the waters of Iowa.  Read below about the beautiful fish and the pristine conditions.

Iowa Great Lakes Region

The jewel of mid-West ice fishing lies in Northwest Iowa, in a place known as ‘the Iowa Great Lakes Region.  Great Spirit Lake, West Okoboji, and East Okoboji are the main lakes in this vast region.  There are a couple of smaller lakes, sloughs, and canals to give you all the space and variety you need.

Go Fish

With so many lakes and canals, it should be no surprise to you that these lakes are swimming with an impressive variety of species.  Walleye abound in the lakes and will put up a good fight.  There is no other place in the country that has as many bluegills as the Iowa Great Lakes.  Bass and muskie are bountiful and continue to surprise anglers at their size and weight.


Fish are not the only things that are multiplying.  Lodgings are popping up around the lakes and offer anglers a great variety of place to stay and offer all of the comforts of home.  You could stay in a posh hotel or camp out.  There are guides available to help you get started and find some hot fishing spots.

Fine dining and great eateries can be found in the nearby towns of SpiritLake, Milford, Wahpeton, ArnoldsPark and Okoboji.  You will be able to find national chains, fast food places, sit down restaurants, and best of all, local restaurants.


Because of its location in the ‘ice belt’ of the mid-West, there is always enough ice – even during the warmest of winters.  This truly is an outdoorsman’s must visit destination.  There is so much variety in the lakes and species that one trip will not be enough.

Come and Visit

If you are in the area, or are trying to plan your next ice fishing trip, come to the Iowa Great Lakes Region.  Once here, you will be hooked by the pristine landscape, the beautiful lakes, the warm hospitality, and the vibrant species that ply the lakes.

Come for the fish and combine some pheasant or wild rooster hunting into your trip.  You will be amazed at what the Iowa Great Lakes Region has to offer.


Guest author Ryan Green lives in Northern Iowa.  He loves the abundance of outdoor sports that can happen right in his own backyard.  When he isn’t outside, Ryan is managing his website, http://www.parlaycardsnow.com, which deals with NFL parlay cards.  Fortunately, football season comes to an end just as he is ready to hit the lakes for some ice fishing!

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