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Ice Fishing Photo Contest

Posted by on January 7, 2014 0 Comments Category : Fishing Blog

It is my hope that you all enjoyed some festive Christmas and New Year’s holidays with family and friends. Possibly you ate a little too much food and maybe enjoyed a few celebratory drinks. I expect that the lucky ones of you found some time to get out on the ice and enjoy a little ice fishing.

If you did happen to get out to jig a line, over the holidays and the fish gods smiled upon you, I hope you took some photos of your catch. And if you do get out in the next two weeks be sure to take some pictures of your catch.

The reason for taking the photos is not just to immortalize yourself but in addition to having a great day out on the ice fishing with family members or friends you can further the experience by entering your best photo in the Angler & Hunter Brag Board Photo Contest and possibly win one of the three prizes being offered.

The contest is open to all. Open to all species of fish. Votes for the best photos come from the public. You can enter photos from Jan. 4th, 2104 to January 18th, 2014. Voting ends January 25th, 2014.



Here is the link to enter the Angler & Hunter Brag Board Photo Contest, http://www.anglerandhunter.com/BragBoard/Contests

I wish you all great fishing if you get out on the ice and hope the fish you catch are not too big to come up the hole.

On behalf of the Angler & Hunter Team I want to wish you and your family a super 2014.

If you love fishing and enjoy traveling, please consider leaving your fishy reply!

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