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Inshore Fishing off Pier 60 at Clearwater, Florida

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Inshore fishing is quite popular in western Florida.  The laidback atmosphere coupled with the limited equipment needs make it a popular pastime.

Inshore Fishing at Clearwater, Florida

Inshore Fishing at Clearwater, Florida

Pier 60 at Clearwater Beach has been named one of the best-equipped and most attractive fishing piers in Florida.  If you are in the area, the pier is definitely worthy of a visit.

General Information

Pier 60 is owned and operated by the city of Clearwater, Florida.  As such, a fishing license isn’t required.  A small fee, however, is requested.

City officials strive to provide a safe, clean, family-friendly fishing destination.  One way they have made fishing possible for the masses is by providing equipment rentals for those who don’t have their own supplies.  This makes simple day or evening angling outings possible.  The pier bait and tackle shop provides everything a fisherman would need.

Where to Fish

Inshore anglers at Clearwater Beach usually choose from two options: fishing from the pier or surf fishing.  No matter where you fish, you’ll want to check the tide tables and catch limits for the area.

Fishing from the Pier

Most fishermen prefer to cast from the pier and choose evening angling over daytime fishing.  The pier is equipped with numerous lights which act as a natural attractant for the fish.  Small baitfish swim in to check out the lights and the large game fish follow.

While it sometimes seems nearly impossible to do so, pier fishing is safest when preformed in a less populated area, away from the general flow of traffic.  Circular hooks are preferable since they are the safest option when fly fishing around other people.  Consider making a few practice casts before advancing to the main event.  And if you have never cast in public before, use extreme caution.

Fishing often stirs up quite a hunger, and Pier 60 is more than capable of quenching your appetite.  In addition to the ample fishing opportunities, fine dining, shopping, entertainment, white sand beaches, and the daily “Sunset at Pier 60” festival (featuring local artisans and performers) will meet all your needs.

Fishing from the Surf

Other anglers prefer to cast from the surf.  During the cooler winter months, this location is often preferable.  The minimal crowds make the experience much more enjoyable – and safer.  However, during the warm months, the surf is usually too full of beach dwellers to make it an ideal fishing spot.

If you do choose to fish from the surf, make sure you have a long rod, a clear line that is of 30-pound weight, and a heavy sinker.  Also, you’ll want to have a rod holder to sink into the sand since you’ll be spending a great deal of time sitting and waiting.  Before you get comfortable in your beach chair, swing by the bait and tackle shop for a bucket of live shrimp.

While pier fishing doesn’t require a license, surf fishing might.  Check with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Not every angler needs expensive, time-consuming fishing charters.  Sometimes a laidback experience at the pier is all they need.  What about you?  Will you be visiting Pier 60 anytime soon?

Guest author Daniel Renshaw has lived in Clearwater, Florida his entire life.  It seems he was practically born with a fishing rod in his hand!  Pier 60 is one of his regular haunts.  When he isn’t at the pier, he is at his law office, Smitherman Law, 600 Bypass Dr #106, Clearwater, FL 33764. 727-466-1456 http://theclearwaterattorney.com/

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