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Make the Most of Your Fishing Holiday in Broome

Posted by on December 3, 2013 0 Comments Category : Fishing Blog

Broome is a town in the Kimberly region of Australia that is world famous for its pearling industry and great fishing. Before embarking on a fishing holiday in Broome, there are some things every traveler needs to know to make the most of the trip.

What Kind of Fish

When fishing in the creeks there are a large amount of fish to catch. A few that can be caught in the creeks include salmon, catfish, barra, bluenose, mangrove, and threadfin. On the beach a fisherman might catch salmon or dart. Venturing offshore can mean catching mackerel and tuna.

Broome Fishing
Broome Fishing Luke Redmond / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

When fishing from the large jetty in Broome what a fisherman can expect to catch is almost endless. The dry season starts in May. May through January are the best times to catch tuna. June through September are the peak months for sailfish. October through April is generally considered the wet season and the prime time to catch Barra.

Where To Fish

There are several areas a traveler can choose to fish in while in Broome. The creeks, the beaches, and jetty fishing are the three general options. Crab Creek is a great fishing spot in the Broome area. Willie Creek is another area in Broome that is popular to fish. Visitors would use car rental to make the trip north about 38km. Dampier Creek is best to fish when the tide is rushing out. Cable Beach is the best spot to fish on the beach. It’s usually good to fish in the afternoon on this beach. Threadfin Salmon can be caught during the incoming tide. The town jetty in Broome is an extensive pier that provides for phenomenal fishing. It is recommended to fish at the very end of the jetty. There’s also offshore fishing for those who prefer a bit more adventure as well as doing their fishing from a boat. Fishing is greatly influenced by the size and types of tides in this area of the world. In general, low tide is the best time for fishing.

How To Fish

The type of lines, rods, and bait that are best to use depends on where you’ll be fishing. A 6 to 8 foot casting rod can be used for creek and beach fishing. For the jetty and offshore, a fisherman should use a trolling rod at least 15kg. A 10kg line is sufficient for the creek or the beach. Approximately 24kg is recommended for the jetty and offshore. Live mullet makes good bait wherever you are fishing.

There are companies that provide fishing charters all year round at Broome. Visitors can go out for either a full day or a half day of fishing. Hiring car rental directly from the airport to the charterĀ is one option to consider. Travelers should remember that offshore fishing is mostly for adventure and sport. This is where you’ll tangle with some of the fastest and strongest fish. Before fishing anywhere check when low and high tides are. Finally, always keep in mind that crocodiles are in certain areas where fishing is popular. It’s strongly recommended not to wade in water to fish or camp near the edge of the water.

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