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Ten True Fascinating Facts About Sharks – And Shark Fishing

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Ten True Fascinating Facts about Sharks – and Shark Fishing It’s been 38 years now since Roy Scheider blew up JAWS by sharp-shooting the oxygen-tank lodged within the many rows of the monstrous Great White’s teeth. And regardless of the fact that an episode of Myth Busters proved that this “fishing” technique actually wouldn’t have worked, this is the image that pops into most people’s minds when they hear the word “shark.”

In The Blue
Shark Fishingsharkbait / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

The truth is that there are more than 400 hundred species of sharks, and some of them don’t even bite! For example, the Nurse Shark is completely docile. This slow moving bottom feeder is often poked and prodded by swimmers and divers. But it isn’t recommended to pick on one of these gentle giants, because just like your dad taught you to pop the school bully in the nose, once a Nurse Shark has had enough of your shenanigans you’ll quickly learn that just because a shark “doesn’t” bite, doesn’t mean that it “can’t.” In fact, in the Florida Keys, nurse sharks are responsible for the majority of shark bites – and it is always in self-defense.

Nurse Shark

With such a wide variety of sharks swimming the Seven Seas, there are dozens of species that make for great sport fishing. And who doesn’t want to reel in quite possible the world’s most infamous predator? Before you sign up for your shark fishing trip, check out these 10 true and fascinating facts about sharks– and shark fishing:

  1. A shark does not have a single bone in its whole body! Its skeleton is made up entirely of cartilage. But this doesn’t mean that sharks aren’t tough. Cartilage is pretty durable stuff!
  2. Did you know that a pair of sharkskin shoes can last up to four times longer than ones made with cowhide? A shark’s skin is covered not with scales, but with tiny razor-sharp teeth called denticles, but once the denticles are removed the skin can be prepared to produce incredibly strong leather.
  3. Although a shark is not a mammal, very few sharks lay eggs to reproduce. Most sharks give live births to half-a-dozen to a dozen babies, and the Hammerhead and Tiger Shark can deliver up to 40 offspring at once. Talk about post-partum depression!
  4. On average, only 2 or 3 Americans are killed each year in shark attacks. More than 50 Americans die from bee stings, and closer to 100 die after being struck by lightning. So our overwhelming fear of sharks is almost entirely unwarranted.
  5. It is believed that sharks have been around for over 64 million years. This means that they swam the oceans when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.
  6. When fishing for shark in Key West, you’re better off heading down during the winter months when sharks are more active. This means a “two-for-one special” for shark anglers as you can escape the frigid north and have a great fishing vacation at the same time.
  7. Contrary to what you might think, not all shark fishing is done in deep water. Even larger sharks like Bull Sharks can be caught while fishing the flats. Often times you can “spot” fish Bulls that are in water so shallow half their body is sticking out of the water. Check out the flats guides and charter captains who catch sharks in Key West on Charter Boat Row.
  8. Bonnethead Sharks look like baby hammerheads, but they put up one hell of a fight. They’ll attack with fervor shrimp, crab, and any type of strip bait.
  9. When most people think of fly fishing, the image that comes to mind is Brad Pitt waist deep in Montana-cold water in “A River Runs through It”, but you can fly fish for shark as well. In Key West you can fly fish for Lemon, Spinner, Blacktip, and more.
  10. Humans kill close to 100 million sharks every year worldwide. While some species are not in danger, other species have dangerously low populations and sharks are an integral part of the ecosystem. Depending on the species you are fishing for, you may want to consider a shark charter that focuses on catch and release.
  11. Tiger Shark Caught on the Compass Rose
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