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Unlikely Fishing Locations in the United States

Posted by on September 30, 2013 0 Comments Category : Fishing Blog

While the act of fishing can be social among friends and provide a bonding ritual between parents and children, it is more often than not, a solitary exercise. And if this is true of famous fishing locations such as the Great Barrier Reef, the following fishing spots in America take the notion of silence and seclusion to the next level.

Fisherman Sunset
Fishing Locations in the United StatesCJ Schmit / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Welcome to some of the most bizarre and unlikely fishing locations on the planet…

Parking Lot, Nashville

When streams and rivers can’t provide enough fishing opportunities, flooded parking lots seem to do the trick. Following days of torrential rain in Priest Lake in Nashville, the lake water flooded a nearby parking area which held at least a dozen largemouth bass. Strange but true!

Bayport Channel, Texas

Industrial areas along the coast of Texas would seem a very unlikely place for large fish to dwell, but sure enough, some can still be found in the Bayport Channel near La Porte in Texas. This is because this was one of many prime fishing locations before it was sadly forced to close for security reasons in relation to the 9/11 attacks.

Kissena Lake, New York

Unlikely as it may sound, New York is home to some amazing fishing spots, notably in Queens which boasts saltwater lakes, ponds and creeks as far as the eye can see. Kissena Lake is situated in a vast 234 Acre Park, making it an ideal fishing location to escape and unwind in beautiful surroundings where you can expect to find carp and even largemouth bass.

You can use Google Earth to find further fishing locations off the beaten track in your area – just be sure to note your location. Nobody would blame you for wanting to keep quiet about a newly discovered fishing hole but it is important to let close family members and nearby rescue officials in on your location in case you lose your way. You can easily record and keep track of your secret locations with an iPhone app. Secret fishing holes are great but don’t risk your safety for it.

Wherever the mood takes you on your fishing trips, make sure you’re prepared for the adventure in rain and shine, with the right outdoor gear. On the other side of the pond in North Yorkshire, Whitby Angling Supplies is home to everything you’ll ever need for the perfect fishing trip whether you stay for a spot of local fishing in the seaside town or take your provisions further out to sea.

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