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3 Answers

What is a swimbait?

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Can someone please explain to me what a swimbait is? I’ve been bass fishing for a while now, and someone suggested I try swimbait to ‘take my fishing to the next level’. Is it just another type of lure? Do I need a completely different setup? Will it be worth it, or should I stick to my current gear?

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3 Answers

  1. Max on Jan 05, 2013 Reply

    As per wiki definition “Swimbaits are a loosely defined class of fishing lures that imitate fish and tend to be distinct in design from a typical crankbait”.

    Ans yes that is a soft plastic lure which is called Swimbait. You have to make a selection of hook yourself in order to rig these baits. Few are having tails and bring more movement for bait.

    I have got experience of using small size swimbaits, especially zoom swimming fluke. It usually works as a crankbait rod. You should go for a good quality swimbait rod if you are using it for 2 ounce or more than that. However, you can use 20 lb mono with it. If you are thinking about Flourocarbon, it would not work, especially when baits are more in weight. However, if you only want one of them and do not want to keep both, you can go for the braid.

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  2. Wayne on Jan 05, 2013 Reply

    Swimbait are fishing lures that imitate fish. They usually have a paddle tail that moves like a fish. They can really look quite realistic in motion. Apparently they will help you catch bigger fish but I have never used swimbait myself.

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  3. John Winfred on Jan 07, 2013 Reply

    One big advantage to swimbait for some people is that they make catch-and-release a lot easier. Nine times out of ten, you’ll hook the fish in the lip or in the corner of the mouth. It’s pretty rare to get a gut hooking using one of these baits. So if you’re just looking to catch the fish and then release them as unharmed as possible after getting your photo, then swimbaits have a big advantage over other ones.

    You usually don’t need to put attractants on them, either. They look like food and the fish will attack them without needing a smell to prompt them.

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