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3 Answers

Why do you think fish bite one day, but not the next?

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It’s happened to me a hundred times: you fish the same spot, with the same bait, and basically the same weather conditions and one day they’ll bite, the next day they won’t. I know the fish are there – I’llĀ  even see them – they just won’t bite. Any theories?

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3 Answers

  1. RolfHedley on Jan 10, 2013 Reply

    A lot of things can influence when fish will bite and when they won’t, and a lot of them are so subtle that we humans may not be able to detect them. A change in water temperature can affect where the fish will be positioning themselves in the water. Depending on their preferences, those that like it colder will sink down when the top layers warm up a bit.

    If you’re having trouble finding fish where you usually catch them, you might try angling out slowly. Running the boat fast will only frighten what fish there are away. Another trick to try is to go where the fish may have some cover such as docks, sunken trees and branches, rocky spots, or places where there’s a lot of vegetation.

    Be familiar with the time of day the fish you’re after likes to feed, too, fish are like people in that they like to eat at specific times.

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  2. Rudi S. on Jan 14, 2013 Reply

    They may also be moving from place to place in response to food, also. For example, insect hatches may draw fish away from their regular haunts. Or, depending on the location, somebody may be using chum or other bait to lure fish to their favorite fishing spot!

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  3. "Hooks" Merrill on Jan 18, 2013 Reply

    Fish are like that. They may sense changes in the weather before we can, too.

    One good option is to develop several favorite fishing spots and move between them as needed. That way, you’ll already have a viable backup if one of your fishing areas hits a “dry spell”. Try to choose fishing areas with different conditions so that a situation that causes less fish biting at one may not necessarily interfere with the others.

    — “Hooks” Merrill

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