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Alaska is world-renowned for its abundant fishing waters trawled by captains with decades of experience and a real love for the catch. Alaska has more than three million lakes and thousands of rivers which are populated by the ever-present salmon. The fish comes in multiple varieties like the king, silver and pink salmon along with the well-known sockeye and can be found all over the state by the hundreds of thousands each year. While some of the most heavily-fished rivers take longer for fully mature salmon to appear, many salmon runs compensate for this in thousands of other streams. Freshwater lakes, saltwater bays and watersheds are also plentiful with halibut, trout, grayling, pike and whitefish as well as shrimp and crab.

One of the most versatile features of Alaska is the choice of urban or wilderness fishing. While 'urban' in this case means dozens of small towns subsisting on the fishing industry on well-known rivers, the option to travel deep into untamed wilderness with experienced guides to fish in pristine conditions offers an unparalleled and unforgettable experience. There are also spectacular bays, mountainous backdrops, giant forests and massive glaciers which are a constant reminder of Alaska being the last truly wild place left in the United States and thus one of the best hunting and fishing reserves. Having a staggering 34,000 miles of coastal shoreline allows just as much exploration and private fishing as traveling into the wild interior.

It's possible to enjoy saltwater and freshwater fishing together, but depending on the region the option may be limited to one or the other. There is also the rigorous ice fishing, flyfishing using lures and dipnetting, which relies on net traps along river basins.

While fishing along the coastline can be invigoratingly cold during the winter, it is not nearly as arduous as the interior, which is not warmed by the ocean. Summer fishing is balmy and warm in the coastal areas, but again, traveling into the mountains, glaciers and fjords could be difficult for those vulnerable to cold.

Southcentral Alaska is the most popular part of the state for fishing, with the famous Kenai River located there. The Kenai is known for its world-record-setting king and silver salmon. The salmon runs are between June and September and catching a 40-80 pound king salmon is common. Homer and Seward are famous fishing villages and Kodiak island is just to the south.

Southeastern Alaska contains the Stikine river which is noted for its prolific salmon runs. The Cook inlet is a watershed comprised of hundreds of thousands of acres full of parks and rivers full of fish. Ketchikan is the largest city in this area and is supported directly by tourism and fishing.

Southwestern Alaska is fed from the Kuskokwim River, which drains a large part of the Alaska Interior and is awash with chinook salmon. The famous Yukon River is also here and has one of the largest salmon runs in the world.

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    Po Box 23277
    Ketchikan, Alaska 99901

    Ketchikan Fishing Charters - offered by Salty Sea Charters
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    Willow, Alaska

    iFishAlaska offers affordable guide services for salmon, rainbow trout, and more.
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    Box 889
    Homer, Alaska 99603

    North Country Halibut Charters in Homer Alaska - 33 years of experience.
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    PO Box 1689
    Seward, Alaska 99664

    Lodge and fishing for halibut, lingcod, rcokfish, salmon shark and silver and king salmon beyond heavy fishing pressure areas.
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    PO Box 2194
    Sitka, Alaska 99835

    Southeast Alaska fishing for halibut, lingcod, salmon.
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    8438 N. Douglas Highway
    Juneau, Alaska 99801

    Let Captain Ed and crew guide you through inside passage and locate the prime fishing spots in Juneau.
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    P.O. Box 210328
    Auke Bay, Alaska 99821

    Come out, drop a line, and snap up salmon, chums, and halibuts; all from the comfort of 34’ LUHRS Sportfisher “Hot Rod”.
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    100 Pacific Ct
    Ketchikan, Alaska 99901

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    PO Box 876
    Wrangell, Alaska 99929

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    6421 Spruce St
    Anchorage, Alaska 99507

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