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3 Great Spots for Fly Fishing in Colorado

There's nothing in the world that can compare to the wonder of fly fishing. Becoming one with nature, casting a line, feeling a sense of tranquility washing away all of one's cares-that's what it is all about. What better way to enjoy fly fishing to the fullest than to choose one of the most beautiful states in America – Colorado. While there are many incredible spots in the Centennial State, there are three that stand out above the rest. Put these hot spots at the top of the itinerary and make sure a Colorado fishing license is on hand.

1. The Fryingpan River
Located in the northwestern part of the state, the adventurous at heart can journey into the home of the Rocky Mountains to this river that is near the Ruedi Reservoir. The Williams Mountains cuts to the west from the Continental Divide, dividing this river from another well-known fishing stream, the Roaring Fork. For the fisherman who is well-versed in the ways of fly fishing, this river's claim to fame is being a tail-water fishery. It is situated below a dam, the water is colder, and the water flow is controlled, making for excellent conditions.

2. The Bighorn Sheep Canyon on the Arkansas River The Arkansas River makes its way into desert country in the western portion of the state, giving fly fishermen easy access from Salida to a 40 mile stretch of prime fishing territory. This is a great destination at any time of year because it stays dry and warm, perfect for anyone who wants to get away from the cold for a while. It's sheep country, with meadows and hayfields to provide pleasant scenery along the way. This section of the Arkansas River is chock full of brown trout and rainbow trout. Float fishing and wade fishing are both popular approaches when taking on this favored, fishing getaway.

3. The Gunnison River Fly fishing enthusiasts will definitely want to include the Gunnison River in their travels. This is classified as a Gold Medal location due to the many large catches that have been pulled from this fishing mecca. Once again, brown trout and rainbow trout are in abundance, as well as cutthroat. Prime fishing is best between the North Fork and Crystal Creek. Fishermen should come prepared for the big ones. Bring muscles, big nets, and bigger coolers when it is time to reel them in. The river also runs through the Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area, making this another highlight of the trip.

When planning a fly fishing trip to Colorado, plan on an extended stay. Plot the top points along the way, but remember to make room for more. There are many fan favorites, highly recognized by visitors and natives alike. Some of the greatest finds will come from the locals who know the best kept secrets in the state. Be sure to ask residents along the way and network with others at each fishing destination. Once tourists have tried fly fishing in Colorado, many will say that the state has caught their hearts for many happy returns.

Doug Raymond grew up in the middle of the great outdoors, spending lots of time fishing, skiing, horseback riding, etc. His career in real estate and home construction has taken him all over the country, and he makes sure to have access to Mother Nature wherever he goes.

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