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Fishing, as a sport is enjoyed by quite a large number of people across the globe. These people constantly look for an ideal place to continue with their passion. The long search they have made would end with the fishing spots of Costa Rica. The place has been visited by renowned nature-lovers, biologists, travelers and adventurers, for years. Costa Rica has welcomed each one of them with arms wide open offering them the rain forests,, the fabulous beaches, the parks etc. as time passes by, this particular spot, in spite of its small size has earned a name as one of the best fishing spots across the globe.

Features that make Costa Rica Stand Apart People often come up with a question, that what it is about Costa Rica, which has led to its immense popularly. The only reason is that unlike many other Latin American countries, Costa Rica takes a lot of care about preserving their natural resources. With thirty two national parks spread all over the country, at least 20% of the country is covered with these parks. The coastline stretches over 750 miles. Probably this is why Columbus named the place ‘Rich Costa.’

The natural beauty of this place is characterized by the unspoiled and clear river waters and the rainforests covering the mountains, offer the perfect habitat for game and bait fish. You might have not come to Costa Rica for a fishing trip, but it is tough to keep yourself from the tempting sport. This is because the country will provide the most awesome views and a fishing experience hitherto never experienced before.

The Various Species of Fishes Available Since the name of the place has been associated with the eighty four IGFA, abbreviation for International Game Fishing Association world records, there is no doubt that most fishing passionate are craving for opportunities to come to Costa Rica. Since the rivers pass through the mountains they are rich in mineral contents and thus offer suitable living conditions for bait fish. One would find the rooster and Wahoo fish behind the rocky islands and the shorelines. Obviously how can one forget about the billfishes, which reside in the Pacific Ocean?

Growing Popularity Over the past years, various adventure show units, groups from sport magazines and in fact even ESPN have visited Costa Rica, other than ordinary fishing lovers. They had come mainly because of the large number of billfish, the tarpon and obviously the in-shore fishing. They often call the place a Fisherman’s paradise, because, it offers the most outstanding scenic beauty, the perfect fishing conditions and it has the fast growing tourism industry. Any time of the year would be ideal to fish, fifty pounds of rooster fish, a three pound tuna, catch some bass from Lake Arenal at the minimum.

People have a kid of craze about this place that lives up to the name of “a fisherman’s paradise”. It is somewhat of an outlet from the daily disturbances and a new way of spending a vacation.

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    Los Resort & Marina
    Playa Herradura, Costa Rica

    Full day fishing trips, offshore, inshore or
    both. This boat is speedy and comfortable.
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    Apdo # 1-5150
    Santa Cruz, Costa Rica

    Gamefisher2 is world famous for it's deep sea fly fishing. It has been featured many times in the press, including Playboy!
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