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Fishing in Michigan

The state of Michigan, divided into the north and south peninsulas, has access to four of the five Great Lakes. All totaled, Michigan has approximately 3,000 miles of shoreline, which face Lakes Erie, Huron, Michigan and Superior, along with Lake St. Clair. There are ports located all along the perimeter of Michigan. The state additionally has inland lakes and rivers that include Hamlin Lake, Grand, Manister, Muskegon and the St. Joseph Rivers. The state lakes and rivers provide opportunities for fishing trips throughout the year. Having a national forest and state parks, the area attracts numerous visitors every year who also enjoy camping, hunting and swimming.

Amenities and Waters

People in Michigan take fishing very seriously. Fishing charters take guests on all of the Great Lakes and into the inland rivers. All ports offer boat launches and slips, bait and tackle, along with boating accessories and gas. Locals and guests also have the convenience of purchasing fishing licenses at any location. Additionally, guests may purchase beverages and snacks while having access to laundry facilities and Wi-Fi. Shoreline locations also offer lodging opportunities.

Great Lakes Fish Species

Atlantic Salmon

Approximately 20,000 of these fish enter the St. Mary’s River every year, towards the end of May. The AuSable River also received around 20,000 of the species during the 1970s. The Atlantic Salmon is one of the game fish caught in Lakes Huron and Michigan.

Brown Trout

Many catch these fish along the Michigan shores or from piers using shallow water trolling or surfcasting. Trout caught in the Great Lakes are notorious heavier than similar species found throughout the inland waterways, because of the greater abundance of food sources.

Coho, Chinook or King Salmon

Individuals hiring fishing charters typically catch these monsters on the Great Lakes in spring and summer. They stay around 10 miles from shore in water anywhere from 20 to 40 feet deep. Beginning in late summer and lasting into September, salmon generally swim toward the mouths of rivers and streams to begin spawning.

Lake Trout

These fish prefer the colder, deeper water and during the warmer months, they stay in open water at depths of around 50 to 200 feet. In the spring, fall and winter, when the water is cold, species might be found closer to the shore. In the spawning season of fall, anglers find these head into and up Michigan rivers. Some inland lakes also harbor this variety of trout.


These fish have erratic spawning seasons that may occur anytime from September to March. During the spring and summer, anglers catch these fish within a mile of the shore at depths above 50 feet. The spring months of March and April, along with the fall months of October and November, find these fish in rivers and streams.


Anglers hiring fishing charters generally find these fish in the Great Lakes and inland waters. They prefer deep water in the summer and shallower depths when the water turns cold. In the spring and fall, walleye stay closer to rocky regions around the mouths of rivers and streams. They bite anytime from early morning until midnight.

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