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South Carolina is one of the best states to fish in, whether you’re looking for a deep-sea adventure or are looking to spend the day on a peaceful lake.

South Carolina can be broken into 5 different areas, each offering a different kind of fishing experience.

Pee Dee
The Pee Dee region is located on the North Carolina-South Carolina border of the state and includes several of the state’s largest agricultural areas. There are several small lakes scattered throughout this area but the best for fishing can be found in the Little Pee Dee State Park. Lake Norton is a 54-acre lake that holds bream, bass and catfish just waiting to be fished from its waters. There are also numerous tours and trips that can be taken down the Pee Dee River for shad, catfish, bass and more. The Pee Dee River runs through most of this area and in to the lower section of the Coastal region of the state.

The coastal region of the state is sometimes included in the Pee Dee region, but for fishing it offers a much more bountiful selection. Making up the two northern most coastal counties of the state, fishermen can enjoy the same offerings of the Pee Dee region in the more western parts of this region, in addition to the bounties of the sea in the eastern areas. There are dozens of companies that can take you on a fantastic deep sea fishing charter, or you can stay closer to home and fish in the shallower waters of the many inlets in this area. You can fish for catfish and bass in the western part of the state or enjoy a different experience crabbing or shrimping in the salty waters.

Low Country
From the edge of the Coastal region down to the bottom of the state, the Low Country region of South Carolina has numerous inlets, lakes and streams perfect for any kind of fishermen. There are dozens of inlets and peninsulas that are perfect for salt water or brakish water fishing. In addition to the offerings of the coastal areas, there is also plenty of fishing fun to be had in Francis Marion National Forest, located between the Low Country and Coastal regions of the state. You can fish bream, striped bass, catfish, shad, spot and more.

The center of the state has the Santee River running through it, meaning pretty much anywhere you go can offer opportunities for fishing. This area is also sometimes known as the Santee district as a result of this river and it feeds in to two connected lakes that offer great fishing opportunities: Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie. These lakes offer bream, catfish, a variety of kinds of bass and white crappie. The lakes also hold some records for the large fish that were caught there, including a 58 pound catfish and a 138 pound blue catfish.

The Upstate
Located in the westernmost part of the state, the upstate is the most mountainous part of the state. There is yet another prime spot for fishing on the border of the Midlands and Upstate region in the Sumter National Forest. There are trout, bass, bluegill and of course catfish running through the many lakes and rivers in this forest. But the upstate region also offers more in the mountain state parks like Table Rock State Park and Caesar’s Head State Park, which can let you enjoy fishing and some stunning mountain views.

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