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Top Fishing Spots in Sarasota

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Sarasota County has many world class fishing spots.  With the right gear, the proper know-how, and knowledge of the best places to fish, you will be hauling one great catch after another.  Come experience the great fishing spots that Sarasota County has to offer.

Twin Lakes Park

Twin Lakes Park is best known for its bass, bream and catfish.  Fishing is best if done from the shore of the park.  To find Twin Lakes Park, turn off at SR 72, east of the I-75, or try getting off at Fruitville Road.

Humphris Park

Humphris Park, the south jetty, is an all around great place to spend the day fishing.  There are picnic tables, benches, restrooms with showers, and many restaurants and eateries in the area.  Besides the excellent fishing, you can also enjoy surfing and breathtaking sunsets over the gulf.  Locals view Humphris Park as one of the best fishing spots in the region and has produced some of the biggest fish.

Myakka River

The Myakka River has been dammed off and turned into a scenic lake.  Expect to catch good size bass and panfish, especially near the dam, when fishing the Myakka.  To get to the lake, go to the state park at the SR 72, which is off the I-75.  The park, which is just east of Sarasota, rents canoes if you want to fish from different points in the lake.  There are also great bridge fishing spots as well as bank fishing spots.

What can You Expect to Catch?

You may be surprised to learn that the Sarasota waters boast 231 species of fish.  If you are fishing the verdant grass-flats of the Sarasota Bay, you might find spotted sea trout, flounder, pompano, lady fish, mangrove snapper, jack crevalle, Spanish mackerel, blue fish or even a shark at the end of your line.

While fishing at Mangrove Islands, Oyster Bars, or Deep Docks, expect to snag some snook, redfish, sheephead, black drum or tripletail.

Expect to catch bluefish, silver trout, permit, pompano, sea bass, mackerel and whiting while fishing in the Passes.  The reefs might net you some gag grouper, red grouper, key west grunts, triggerfish, amberjack, lane snapper, yellowtail, snapper, sand perch, jewfish, cobia, barracuda, kingfish, little tunny and shark.

This rich variety of species is what makes Sarasota fishing so exceptional – you never know what will be biting.

Bait Options

Live and artificial baits are both recommended.  The best live baits to use are shrimp, greenbacks, pinfish, grunts, blue runners, cut lady fish, sardines and squid.  Great artificial baits are Gulp baits, DOA, Calcutta Jigs, Exude jerk baits, Mirr Olure lures, Twitchbaits, Yo-Zuri floating series and Gold Spoons.

If you are targeting a specific species of fish, research what type of bait would be best for that type of fish.

Superb Sarasota Fishing

Sarasota County really is an anglers’ paradise.  If Sarasota is not on your fishing to-go list, put Sarasota at the top.  Where else can you find such a variety of species and stunning locales?


Guest author Greg Smith is an avid fisherman.  He has hunted down some of the best fishing spots in Sarasota County.  While he loves fishing, Greg is a family man at heart.  If he doesn’t have a rod in his hand, he is probably in the mist of a game of cornhole.  Between his supplies from Custom Corntoss and all his fishing gear, Greg barely has room to walk through his garage!

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